886 LED Headlight Conversion Kit

886 LED Headlight Conversion Kit

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This 886 LED Headlight kit comes with the best of the rest Fanless LED's. In this Fanless LED kit, there are no moving parts which prevent any failure due to fans going bad. The longest life expectancy among all the other LED kits.

LED Conversion Kits are 100% plug-n-play and do not require any modification for installation. The Led Kits are an upgrade from your stock halogen bulbs that came with your car or truck. LED Kits Produce between 4,000 to 8,000 Lumens while using less wattage from your car. The life expectancy of LED Lights which is 50,000 hours far exceeds that of halogen bulbs making LED Kits a great upLedlightstreetgrade for any car or truck.

What's included

- Two 886 Fanless LEDs

-Available in 6,000k which is a cool bright white.

- Optional Decoder upgrade to get rid of those annoying Error signals,

We recommend everyone buy the decoders.

- Optional Warranty Available

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